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AVATARIUM – A Consumer Paradox (in collaboration with Istanbul Digital)
Frida V.
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Markets Fluctuate
Professor Dowell’s Head
Signature Event Context
Stray Bullet
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Professor Dowell’s Head (2008)  

The name of this work has a reference to early Russian science fiction novel “Professor Dowell’s Head”, written by Alexander Beliaev. Parallel thematic line which kind of emerges from main concept is futuristic view to robotic being. It is about asking question – does a robot would ever have feelings and understanding of those feelings. Or do they always will stay as mechanical devices, born to be slaves of human race. This mechanical head which simulates human mimics in abstract manner, tries to portray sadness of robotic soul, depicted by hopeful and somehow naïve look.

Actually this thematic line crosses with aforementioned novel by Alexander Beliaev in which human head separated from body were artificially kept alive in contrary to its loss of motivation, happiness, and joy of life. It is about asking - does technology and science make people happy?

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Krists Pudzens
BM Suma
7-16 November 2008